fawn grand mesa oil paint.jpggm waterfall.jpggm canyon wildflowers.jpggrand mesa oil paint.jpggrand mesa skunk weed.jpggreen river 144 out of bounds.jpgwildflowers gm.jpggreen river kayaks oil paint.jpgrhodys rifle shots.jpggreen river oil paint.jpgLake-Dillion-w_boat-2015-web.jpgRocky-Mountain-National-Park-2015-web.jpgbridge-and-exp.jpgbumblebeeweb.jpgcreek-long-exp.jpglog-reflection-long-expoweb.jpgold-faithfulweb.jpgpelicanweb.jpgtetonsweb-c57.jpgc27-flock-of-geeseweb.jpgtigerweb.jpgrach-sunglasses-sketchweb.jpgyellow-flower-3-panelweb.jpgc90-Bridge Laurel Montana web size.jpgnight golden gate bridge web.jpgocean face2.jpgTrain Shoshone Canyon Wyoming web.jpg0466 12x36.jpg0690 The Fall.jpg0863 The Cottonwood2.jpgAnvil point c0-classvignetion-skech-as-Smart-Object-1.jpgFamily Pics 16x20.jpgPoppy.jpgReflections Black Eyed SusanReflections PoppiesRR Face 8x12.jpgSGTF 20x24.jpgThe Sky is Water-Falling

Rifles Shots dare to present the outcome of …

                                                    “Out of Bounds”


Rifle Shots is a group of friends and artists that have been brought together by photography.  Though art is a personal journey, Rifle Shots members Jennifer Bartels, Brenda Brandenburg, Terri Glenn, Dawn Hayes, and Gail Zentmyer work together to inspire and push each others photographic art.


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