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Long Exposures

So recently I saw some beautiful photography with long exposure settings and WOW I could not wait to give it a try. So I started doing some research and of course watching you tube videosand […]

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Flaming Gorge

                                     Our friends from Virginia come out and visit almost every year. Last year we met at The Flaming Gorge in Utah. The guys go fishing and Donna and I grab our cameras and go. […]

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Early Spring at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Wow!  What a spectacular drive in Colorado! Approaching the park from Granby, I was able to hit the park for the evening light and it was spectacular. One […]

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The Tetons and Yellowstone

June 2015 On our well deserved vacation this year we chose to go to Yellowstone and to try out our new camper ( so much fun).  Since we did not have any specific time frame […]

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4 Paws & Their Owner

  So…I live with a cat. A very exasperating cat by the name of Itty Biddy Kitty. We just call him Biddy. His dad was a hairless cat, we blame him for most everything annoying […]

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Graphic Artist’s Computer Ergonomics . . . Pain in the Neck

Okay, So you have been sitting at the computer for hours, day after day, here are some reminders of things to change to make your life a little better. Ergonomics and Computers One area of […]

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