Dawn Hayes


balloonflight1sketch3web.jpgbull1.jpgbull4sketch-web.jpggoriila sketchretouch.jpgsleeping-grizzlyweb.jpgflock-of-geeseweb.jpgbirdbeakweb.jpgtiger-full-faceweb.jpgrach-sunglasses-sketchweb.jpgyellow-flower-3-panelweb.jpghorses 5 panel.jpgOut_of_bounds-snake.jpgclassvignetion-skech-as-Smart-Object-1.jpgpion-cub-sketch-as-Smart-Object-1.jpgroaring-lion-weave.jpgpainting-of-flower.jpgOut_of_bounds-dusk-relections.jpgOut_of_bounds-air-planes.jpgOut_of_bounds-boat.jpgOut_of_bounds-3-planes-in-line.jpgIMG_0102.jpg240ppbumble2.jpg20x20-parrots-striped.jpg

Photography has always been my passion since I received my first Polaroid camera so many years ago… and then moved up from there. Living in Colorado with the beauty that surrounds us is such an inspiration that I find myself constantly out and about exploring new areas and discovering new things. I am blessed with a great husband who encourages and supports me and some great friends that help keep me be inspired and motivated to look for the normal and turn it into art.
You can find me on facebook at sunrisepictures.

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