Graphic Artist’s Computer Ergonomics . . . Pain in the Neck

So you have been sitting at the computer for hours, day after day, here are some reminders of things to change to make your life a little better.
Ergonomics and Computers
One area of concern regarding ergonomics and computer use is the neck. I find myself leaning forward and resting my chin on my hand while reading the computer screen. This puts a lot of strain on my neck, especially over a period of time.
What I have done to alleviate some of the problems is to get a chair that fits me and is comfortable. That has helped somewhat with back and neck issues. The first chair I got was way too big and really didn’t fit me so I never sat in it correctly. In researching ergonomics and computers, I visited the “University Health Services” website for Princeton. ( They provided some useful information on “setting up a comfortable, healthy workstation”. “Good posture involves keeping your bones and muscles in line …” and, having a chair that fits your body size, well help tremendously. So if, I am leaning forward with my chin resting on my hand, I am definitely not in line. That would be how I am sitting right now! lol

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