Jennifer Bartels

Lake-Dillion-w_boat-2015-web.jpgLake-Dillon-Web.jpgRocky-Mountain-Elk-5-2015-Web.jpgc12-The Pitcher websize.jpgc24-The Portal websize.jpgc26-Elegant Egg Website.jpgc30-Eiffle Tower posterized websize.jpgc31-Out of Bounds websize.jpgc33-Chopper scratchboard websize.jpgc41-Evolution websize.jpgc42-Anvil point cube wFrame Website.jpgc6-Yellowstone cube 16X20 vertical Websize.jpgc61-Sunset cube websize.jpgc62-Reflections Black Eyed Susan websize.jpgc7-Copper Sand Dunes websize.jpgc76-Amazing Light.jpgc84-Silver Sand Dunes websize.jpg

My first 35mm camera was a Minolta, I purchased from my paper route money, at the age of 13.  Apparently, paper routes must have paid well, because I went back to get a telephoto lens.  I rode the city bus to the mall, in Southern California, to make my big purchase.   This was the mid 70’s, I didn’t know about Canon at the time.  I enjoyed photography as a young adult, then life got busy and photography dropped off the menu.  As the children grew, I started taking pictures again.  Interestingly, the images were taken for evaluating the mechanics of baseball players.  Parents were excited with the images and they turned out quite good.  I started taking pictures of game action and improved my technique and camera equipment.

In 2008, I was planning a trip to Alaska and purchased a newer nicer camera at the last minute.  I learned to use it  during that trip, which is not the best thing to do when you are travelling.  Again, in 2010, I upgraded to a DSLR with changeable lenses and better resolution.  As time progressed, I was able to purchase better lenses and, or course have a list of equipment I would like to add to my bag!!!

I have spent the past year learning photoshop,so I could create a different story, more than one image can tell.

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